QU-AX Real Black Witch

extreme in all ways: wight, spoke-qty, bearing-distance

IUF-compliant, light, minimalistic bearing-distance – a race-unicycle like no other.

  • narrow aluminum frame with aero-profile, a crown where you can rest your feet and a laser etched logo, anodized in black
  • QU-AX hub, black, 24 holes, hollow axle, 80 mm bearing-distance, 125 mm QU-AX aluminum crank
  • aluminum double walled rim, anodized in black
  • QU-AX aluminum seatpost
  • Profi Pedals “NoSlip”
  • thin and light aluminum seatclamp
  • QU-AX Luxus unicycle saddle
  • Kenda Konzept 26″x1″ race tire, light FOSS-tube, 24″ IUF-compliant
  • 3.65 kg
  • minimum inseam: 71 cm

#1607 Real Black Witch


QU-AX Real Black Witch Rennhexe - IUF konform