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Back in 2015, Ollie Green from Coldstream, set himself a rather unique set of challenges – first to teach himself to unicycle, and second to ride solo and unsupported, carrying food, clothes and camping equipment, over hills and through valleys, for 200 miles from coast to coast.  That’s 33 miles per day.  Think of those stomach muscles!

His reason?  To raise money for Save the Children, specifically for their Syrian Crisis Appeal.

Ollie green unicycling for Syrian children

“I was thinking about doing a few miles on a unicycle for a local charity, but seeing the devastating situation that the Syrian children are going through I decided to push myself do a much longer ride and try and raise a large target of £10,000”.

We asked Ollie how his training for the challenge was going?  “My training has been going great, it was bloody hard work in the beginning but I have enjoyed it more than I thought. For training I am often doing 30+ miles in a day when I get a chance to get out, unfortunately only once a week at the moment due to work and family commitments. My hands and knees are no longer constantly cut and bruised and my sprained wrist seems to have healed. I now usually land on my feet when I do fall off.  Sometimes going out with friends and family on bikes makes a nice change. All though this has been a very mild winter I’m looking forward to the spring and the longer nights as riding in the dark is no fun.

“I will be starting my journey at the Mull of Galloway Light House at 10am on the 10th of April and riding

Ollie's loaded QX 36" disc

Ollie’s loaded QX 36″ disc

across Dumfries and Galloway, and across the Borders stopping at my house for a good night’s sleep near Coldstream, before doing the final stretch to finish on the beach outside my Mum’s house in Burnmouth on the 15h at about 6pm. “

Ollie's way across ScotlandOllie’s route will take him through : *START – Mull of Galloway – Glenluce – Kirkcudbright – Castle Douglas – Dumfries – Moffat – St Marys Loch – Innerleithen – Galashiels – Melrose – St.Boswells – Kelso – Birgham – Leitholm -Coldstream – Swinton – Allanton – Chirnside – Ayton – Burnmouth – FINISH*

Finally, Ollie has a message  he’d like to get across about his cahrity challenge.  “As much as this is for a very serious cause, I don’t think you can take anyone on a unicycle too seriously, I’m hoping to make people smile along the way. I have had a huge amount of training to do and a lot of picking myself up after falling off and I’m glad to say that I’m pretty ready for it.  But I do need people’s help.  If you want a sponsor form or a collection tin to put in your local shop, schools sports club, place of work, office etc please contact me and I will send one out. Or if you can help me raise money in any other way give me a shout.   But more importantly Syrian children need YOU to sponsor me.  Your kind donation will go a long way”.

To donate to Ollie’s cause click HERE. You can chart Ollie’s progress via his Facebook page HERE

Muni Trek Albania https://www.qu-ax.de/en/news-en/2017/muni-trek-albania/ Wed, 11 Jan 2017 17:00:21 +0000 https://www.qu-ax.de/news-en/2017/muni-trek-albanien/

Two years ago, Florian Kaiser and Rocco Schulz planned an even much bigger trip, due to political unrest and riots, they had to change their plans – and made a great trip through Albania – supported by QU-AX. Here’s their story – and video:

“What day is it?”

I could not answer Flo’s question. We had turned off our phones for a few days to spare the battery. There was not much perception outside of the small villages anyway.

“I have no idea, maybe Friday?”

Arriving in Tirana

Arriving in Tirana

We had totally lost track of time after we left Tirana, the capital of Albania, and it didn’t matter. We had everything with us that we needed: Mountain unicycles, hiking boots, food supplies, sleeping bags. Only later did we notice that we had forgotten something.

Tirana was the first stop of our journey. We carried six standard Qu-Ax unicycles with us when we arrived at the backpackers in Tirana. The unicycles proved to be quite popular amongst the children and youth during a workshop that we held in front of the Tirana University. The unicycles were generously provided for free by Qu-Ax and after the workshop we gave one to a very talented boy as a gift and three of them remained at the Backpacker Hostel Tirana where travelers and the hostel staff can give it a try. We strapped the two remaining 20″ unicycles on our backs and continued northwards to our actual destination – the Accursed Mountains.

Unboxing the QU-AX Luxus Unicycles in the Backpacker Hostel

Unboxing the QU-AX Luxus Unicycles in the Backpacker Hostel

The lucky new owner of a QU-AX Luxus

The lucky new owner of a QU-AX Luxus

We chose the route via lake Koman, and we probably could have made it to the other side of the lake the same day, but due to a misunderstanding we got off the bus too early, had to ride an additional 30 km and wait until the next morning to catch the next ferry to Fierza, from where we took another bus to Valbona.

A curious donkey on the way to lake Koman

A curious donkey on the way to lake Koman

The ferry ride over the lake, which is an artifical lake formed by a dam that was built in the 1970s to generate electricity, took us through a beautiful landscape while revealing one of Albanias big issues: Waste. Plastic bottles, packaging and much more was floating on the water’s surface.

View over lake Koman from the ferry

View over lake Koman from the ferry

We donated the remaining standard unicycles to the school in Valbona, which was closed due to summer holidays at that time. Glad to be freed from the additional weight of the 20″ unicycles we started a two days hike over mainly unridable terrain. The slope up to the first pass did not offer a single patch of ground which wasn’t at least 30° steep and thus, urged by the sudden darkness, we had to make ourselfs comfortable on a rocky slope.

We were woken by the first sunlight on the rocky yet surprisingly comfortable bivvy place

We were woken by the first sunlight on the rocky yet surprisingly comfortable bivvy place

The next day’s hottness was accompanied by dry air which stood still above the sunlit, rocky ground. Our water supplies only lasted until noon and all springs and streams which we passed were just as dry as our throats. However hours later we were rewarded with fun trails and eventually a stream that had not been dried out yet.

The Accursed Mountains. Guided tours to the higher peaks are usually not offered in the summer months, because it is too dry and hot then.

The Accursed Mountains. Guided tours to the higher peaks are usually not offered in the summer months, because it is too dry and hot then.

We spent the remaining days with further hikes in the Valbona and Thethi region. Both valleys are connected with a trail that is used frequently by tourist groups. We figured out that questioning locals about trail difficulty does not help much to assess ridability of trails. However it seems, that riders on horseback are a good indicator for fun trails.

Valbona river

Valbona river

With our baggage stripped to a bare minimum and days of sweat and dust, we smelled like sheep after a few days. The Valbona river served us well to wash off all that dirt. The T-Shirt which I wore has never gotten back its original colour though.

One of the more comfortable sleeping places we've had

One of the more comfortable sleeping places we’ve had

We didn’t encouter any technical defects, but after one week in the mountains it became obvious that we did not have enough cash with us. We falsly assumed that prices for food might be similar to those that we saw in the capital and thus had to live on bread and a small amount of honey for the remaining days – and yet it was one of the best trekking tours we’ve done so far.

Fotos and Story by Florian Kaiser & Rocco Schulz, find more at www.campfire-movies.com

Why changing to Q-Axle? https://www.qu-ax.de/en/news-en/2016/why-changing-to-q-axle/ Tue, 29 Nov 2016 08:04:21 +0000 https://www.qu-ax.de/en/news-en/2016/warum-eigentlich-q-axle/

Square taper axle? Multi-Spline? ISIS? Q-Axle!

The Q-Axle is the next step after the ISIS axle interface. The yellow QU-AX multispline-hub came from a typical BMX-bottom-bracket and had some resemblance with the Q-Axle. It was known as very robust. Later, we introduced the ISIS-interface to the unicycle-world – with all its pro’s and cons. Now it is time to make the next step. Which one? Read here.

The photo above shows the main difference between the ISIS and the Q-Axle interface. The ISIS-axle is conic towards the hub-center. A M8 or M12 bolt pushes the crank on this climbing surface and fixes the crank at its final place at the same time. Compared to square taper, the ISIS-system has a lot more of connection surface due to its more fine denture. Two surfaces on the square taper compared to ten rounded on the ISIS-interface. This interface wears a little with every crank assembly and disassembly, sometimes making a change of spacers necessary. It is not necessarily at the same place anymore.

On the Q-Axle interface, the axle is straight – and the denture is a lot finer which increases the connection surface even more. The axle is not conic, the crank is always positioned at the same place. Neither on the crank nor on the axle there will be noticeable wear. The aluminum cap puts it at its precise place without llots of force – and is then clamped with two hex-keys.

On this photo, you can see another advantage of Q-Axle: a bigger diameter allows us to reduce wall thickness dramatically. On this photo you can also see the finer denture increasing the connection surface of the interface.

Exactly this very low wall thickness and light aluminum caps instead of heavy steel bolts make the difference in weight – see for yourself.

Lastly, working on a Q-Axle equipped unicycle is more simpler – even on the road. You need a 5 mm hex-key and the Cap-Tool. Both does not need neither power, nor room, nor weight. No Extractors needed.

See how simple it is here:

We are constantly enlarging the crank-length range. Double hole cranks are available – and a successor of the famous ZeroQ-crank for Q-Axle is already being tested by riders. Right now, the following crank-lengths are available: 110, 125, 136 and 145 – more than in the beginning of ISIS. And it’s going to be more.

New QU-AX MiniTool https://www.qu-ax.de/en/news-en/2016/new-qu-ax-minitool/ Wed, 23 Nov 2016 10:36:26 +0000 https://www.qu-ax.de/en/news-en/2016/neues-qu-ax-minitool/

Perfect for Trail & Tour – and always in your pocket.

Now available – a new compact minitool – for unicyclists!

  • 8, 9,10 mm wrench
  • tyre lever
  • TX25
  • 4, 6, 8 mm hex-key
  • PH2 Philips, regular screwdriver
  • 10mm nut
  • 4 different spoke keys

#5203 QU-AX Minitool Q15

Wartburgcity Ride https://www.qu-ax.de/en/news-en/2016/wartburgcity-ride/ Thu, 17 Nov 2016 09:22:39 +0000 https://www.qu-ax.de/en/news-en/2016/wartburgcity-ride/ ]]> 4146 Limited Edition Q-Light Muni https://www.qu-ax.de/en/news-en/2016/limited-edition-q-light-muni/ Wed, 05 Oct 2016 09:38:34 +0000 https://www.qu-ax.de/en/news-en/2016/limited-edition-q-light-muni/

15 years QU-AX unicycles – to celebrate this, we present a limited edition of the Muni starter: The Q-Light.

Children are light – child bicycles and unicycles mostly are not. This is the reason we designed this Muni. The Q-Light is extremely light thanks to an aluminium frame and a light Q-Axle: only 4,5 kgs!

  • 20″x2,5″ QU-AX QCross tire with huge rebound (real 20″, ETRTO-size 406)
  • Flatcrown aluminium frame, anodized black
  • wide QU-AX DB-45 double walled rim
  • QU-AX Luxus Freestyle saddle with integrated handle
  • aluminum double-bolt-seatclamp, black
  • Q-Axle hub, 36 holes, red
  • Q-Axle aluminum cranks 136 mm
  • light QX-series plastic pedal, black
  • aluminum seatpost, Ø 25,4mm
  • weight: 4,5 kg (shortened post already)
  • minimum inseam: ca. 64 cm

#1510 Muni Starter Q-light

Real Black Witch https://www.qu-ax.de/en/news-en/2016/real-black-witch/ Tue, 04 Oct 2016 09:48:21 +0000 https://www.qu-ax.de/en/news-en/2016/real-black-witch/

QU-AX Real Black Witch, extreme in all ways: wight, spoke-qty, bearing-distance

IUF-compliant, light, minimalistic bearing-distance – a race-unicycle like no other.

  • narrow aluminum frame with aero-profile, a crown where you can rest your feet and a laser etched logo, anodized in black
  • QU-AX hub, black, 24 holes, hollow axle, 80 mm bearing-distance, 125 mm QU-AX aluminum crank
  • aluminum double walled rim, anodized in black
  • QU-AX aluminum seatpost
  • Profi Pedals “NoSlip”
  • thin and light aluminum seatclamp
  • QU-AX Luxus unicycle saddle
  • Kenda Konzept 26″x1″ race tire, light FOSS-tube, 24″ IUF-compliant
  • 3.65 kg
  • minimum inseam: 71 cm

#1607 Real Black Witch

Demo: The QU-AX Unicycle Toolbox https://www.qu-ax.de/en/news-en/2016/demonstration-qu-ax-unicycle-toolbox/ Fri, 19 Aug 2016 11:35:49 +0000 https://www.qu-ax.de/en/news-en/2016/demo-der-qu-ax-werkzeugkoffer/ ]]> 3756 New dandelion saddle https://www.qu-ax.de/en/news-en/2016/new-dandelion-child-saddle/ Mon, 15 Aug 2016 16:45:14 +0000 https://www.qu-ax.de/en/news-en/2016/neuer-pusteblumensattel/

New, red dandelion styled children saddle, great upgrade for any child unicycle.

Children need smaller unicycles – but they also deserve an ergonomic, smaller saddle!

  • red, with white bumpers, dandelion design
  • classic assembly with 4 cover-nuts, smooth underside, integrated seatpost-head
  • changeable bumpers
  • we made it without handle – to make it narrow enough for children
  • perfect upgrade for OnlyOne 16″ or 18″ – or any unicycle needing some colour!

#6058 child saddle “dandelion”, red

New! The QU-AX Twin-Uni https://www.qu-ax.de/en/news-en/2016/qu-ax-twin-unicycle/ Thu, 30 Jun 2016 22:00:54 +0000 https://www.qu-ax.de/en/news-en/2016/qu-ax-zwillings-einrad/

Amazed, admiring people, smiles, questions like “What is this?” and of course loads of fun, all this is what you will experience with this fun vehicle. Both unicycles can be used independently – the connection bar can quickly be assembled or removed.The rear articulation is lockable.

The QU-AX Twin-Uni is so much more than just two unicycles! It may consist of two (fully usable) unicycles but it is capable of so much more. One or even two people can ride on it – and they can do this more than just for- or backwards! The front unicycle can turn free in the connection bar – and the rear one can do, too – if you like. Because then, the fun really begins! Do you know what a “Spaghetti-ride” is?

  • two unicycles – that can be used independently
  • square taper-axle, steel, 114 mm, Profi pedals
  • indoor-tyre, 20″x1,95″ (50-406 ETRTO), yellow
  • seatclamp quick-release for quick seat-height adjustment
  • Luxus-saddle with wooden pattern
  • handlebar and stem of the “front” unicycle can be assembled facing for- or backwards, facing up or down – just as you prefer
  • rear articulation can be unlocked by pulling the lock-knob
  • The connection bar can be easily removed by quick-release to make both unicycles usable independently – perfect for clubs
  • inimum inseam size: (with shortened seatpost): 66 cm for the rear unicycle, 71 cm for the front unicycle (stem mounted on the
  • seatpost – lower if mounted on the frame).

#1303 QU-AX Twin-Uni

All new QU-AX [silverfish] frames https://www.qu-ax.de/en/news-en/2016/all-new-qu-ax-silverfish-freestyle-frames/ Fri, 10 Jun 2016 07:48:49 +0000 https://www.qu-ax.de/en/uncategorized/2016/die-neuen-qu-ax-silberfisch-gabeln/

QU-AX presents the [silverfish] frames! Light CrMo Freestyle-frames with extra shallow crown shape.

The all new QU-AX [silverfish] are made of light CrMo. By choosing this material, it was possible to keep the filigrane and delicate shape of a typical Freestyle-frame. The fork-crown has a very shallow shape to keep distance to the tire low: only 27 mm with a 1,95″ tire – and at the same time allow the use of a 2,1″ which reduces the distance even more. The crown-surface is knurled with “ones” – to make ensure a good grip.

  • Freestyleframe 20″, silver
  • seattube length: 300 mm (#2229) or 400 mm (#2230)
  • ultra shallow height of frame crown – for a small distance between tire and crown – perfect with a 2,1″ tire
  • knurled “ones” on the crown-surface – for best grip
  • bearing distance 100 mm
  • for 25,4 mm seatposts
  • 847g (300 mm version) and 952g (400 mm version) incl. screws and bearings

#2229 [silberfisch] 300 mm, silber
#2230 [silberfisch] 400 mm, silber

Both frames are available as spare – and a perfect upgrade for your QU-AX 20″ Profi-Unicycle and make it, together with the #7800 Flat Saddle to a perfect Freestyle unicycle.

The Profi we assembled in the gallery weights only 4,99 kgs – with a 2,1″ wide tire and with full-length seatpost!

Jakub Rulf rocks the Q-Axle Muni 27,5″ https://www.qu-ax.de/en/news-en/2016/jakub-rulf-275-muni-video/ Wed, 08 Jun 2016 10:57:05 +0000 https://www.qu-ax.de/en/news-en/2016/jakub-rulf-275-muni-video/ ]]> 3205 Q-Axle Crank Assembly & Removal https://www.qu-ax.de/en/news-en/2016/quax-q-axle-crank-assembly-and-removal/ Thu, 02 Jun 2016 07:56:08 +0000 https://www.qu-ax.de/en/uncategorized/2016/qu-ax-qaxle-kurbel-de-montage/ ]]> 2839 New QU-AX King George 36″ Tire https://www.qu-ax.de/en/news-en/2016/new-qu-ax-king-george-36-tire/ Wed, 25 May 2016 07:40:59 +0000 https://www.qu-ax.de/en/news-en/2016/der-qu-ax-king-george-36-reifen/

His size is written in its pattern – its rolling-ability is made for long-distance-rides.

The all new QU-AX King George tire is the right partner for your next long journey. The 36″ tire-market is yet quite small – but now gets bigger with this new highend-tire. With only 1780g it is relatively light considering its weight. It is perfect for rolling – but still ensures best grip on light offroad due to it’s negative-shape pattern.

  • 36″x2 1/4 – 52-787 ETRTO-size
  • 36″ pattern
  • 1780g
  • high thread count
  • inflatable up to 3,5 bars
  • ref #2123
Visit us at Eurobike! https://www.qu-ax.de/en/news-en/2016/visit-us-at-eurobike-2016/ Wed, 18 May 2016 13:14:15 +0000 https://www.qu-ax.de/en/news-en/2016/eurobike-2016/

In 2016, we will be at Eurobike again! Hall A1, Stand 405

As every year, we also exhibit at Eurobike this year – to present our existing products – and news. It is a great opportunity to show exceptional vehicles like the Monsterbike, Gentlemenbike in real. Try our new Clownbike! Hall A1, Rothaus Hall, Booth 405

New: QX-series 27,5″Plus https://www.qu-ax.de/en/news-en/2016/qx-series-twentysevenpointfiveplus/ Tue, 16 Feb 2016 12:53:57 +0000 https://www.qu-ax.de/en/news-en/2016/qx-series-twentysevenpointfiveplus/

A 27,5″ is part of our product range since quite some time. Now, the Q-Axle Disc is also available in a Plus version with a wide 3.0 Tire. It rolls great over bumps thanks to the huge diameter and gives great damping at the same time. Especially with slippy or loos underground the huge tire is your insurance for grip. The pattern keeps rolling-resistance reasonable at the same time.


Dual-Cranks gives you the opportunity to quickly change your setup from Downhill to CrossCountry or Touring. The QX Eleven saddle is comfortable – even without bicycle-pants. The discbrake keeps your unicycle under control all the time. And all this with an incredibly low weight for nimble handing.

  • Q-Axle-Disc hub, 36 holes 24 mm holow-axle, red
  • light QU-AX Q-Axle dualhole-cranks 125 / 145 mm, ti-grey anodized
  • QX Eleven saddle, designed by Kris Holm
  • QX-series aluminum double-clamp
  • QU-AX Plus double-walled rim, aluminum, 36-holes, 45 mm wide
  • WTB Bridger tyre, TCS, Fast Rolling, 72-584 (27,5″x3,0″)
  • QX-series [lucent] pedals
  • aluminum Flatcrown frame, anodized in black / powdercoated white
  • aluminum seatpost with reinforcement gusset, Ø 25,4mm
  • Shimano-discbrake, 160 mm QX-series rotor
  • weight: 5,97 kg incl. brake and a 4 cm shortened seatpost
  • minimum inseam: 81 cm

#7528 QX 27,5″ Plus Q-Axle Disc white
#7529 QX 27,5″ Plus Q-Axle Disc black

To see the possibilities of this great-uni, watch some inspiration from Cédric:

Toy Fair 2016 https://www.qu-ax.de/en/news-en/2016/toyfair-2016/ Fri, 29 Jan 2016 17:21:08 +0000 https://www.qu-ax.de/en/news-en/2016/spielwarenmesse-2016/

Six days toy fair Nürnberg are over. As it is typical für Nürnberg toy fair, the visitors were incrediby international. You good loose yourself in the octagonal halls – building an area huge as a village – where you could discover crazy, exciting new things. See you next year, Nürnberg!

Just like our Clownbike! Available from summer 2016 on – combining two unicycles to a Tandem. The rear-steering is lockable or, to make it more fun, unlockable.

See what Quique can do, on such a vehicle:


A Polish TV-team interviewed our Polish wholesaler right away on this vehicle – which can be ridden with two persons at the same time – a clear plus to the Clownbike in the video above.

Profi Marathon 36″ now with Q-Axle https://www.qu-ax.de/en/news-en/2016/profi-marathon-36-now-with-q-axle/ Tue, 19 Jan 2016 10:54:40 +0000 https://www.qu-ax.de/en/news-en/2016/profi-marathon-36-jetzt-mit-q-axle/

For longdistance! One revolution brings you 1,85m onwards to your goal – you can now think about which Marathon you would like to ride! Now with the incredible, light and stiff Q-Axle-System.

  • Flatcrown frame with two-piece-dropout and Magura-sockets
  • wide double-walled aluminum rim, black, 36 holes
  • Q-Axle hub, 36 holes 24 mm holow-axle, red
  • slip-resistand Profi NoSlip-pedal
  • allen-key aluminum-seatclamp
  • 200 mm seatpost, Ø 25,4mm, steel
  • light QU-AX Q-Axle cranks 145 mm, ti-grey anodized
  • comfortable Luxus-saddle with integrated handle
  • 36″ x 2 1/4″ tire (ETRTO 52-774) Wheel-TA
  • minimum inseam size 79-91 cm

To mount the optional Magura-brake, you will need #2216 (Magura-brake)#2036 (brake-lever-mount)#2210 (Magura-adaptors). Furthermore, we recommend #7103 QU-AX Q-Handle

Thuringia is my playground https://www.qu-ax.de/en/news-en/2015/thuringia-is-my-playground/ Sat, 26 Dec 2015 21:05:01 +0000 https://www.qu-ax.de/en/news-en/2015/thuringia-is-my-playground/ ]]> 2862 Profi BB 24″ now with Q-Axle https://www.qu-ax.de/en/news-en/2015/profi-bb-24-now-new-with-qaxle/ Thu, 03 Sep 2015 18:17:15 +0000 https://www.qu-ax.de/en/news-en/2015/profi-bb-24-jetzt-mit-q-axle/

The light and rigid Q-Axle technology is now available on the Profi BB 24″ – and makes the unicycle incredible 5,05 kg light.

The Q-Axle system was first introduced on our High-End disc-braked unicycles – now it is also on the Profi BB. Compared to ISIS, this system has many advantages: precise positioning of the cranks, no wear on the spline-sytem due to Assembly and Removal. More rigid due to the higher diameter (24 mm to 22 mm) and lighter since more drilled than an ISIS axle. The Profi BB now only weights 5,05 kg – with steel frame!

  • Flatcrown frame with two-piece dropout, black
  • double-walled aluminum rim, black, 36 holes
  • superlight Q-Axle-hub, anodized red
  • “noslip” pedal, with plastic-pins, inserts and round corners (ref 6040)
  • Kenda K905 K-Rad tire, inflatable up to 4,5 Bar, 24″ x 1,95″ (ETRTO-size 50-507)
  • light aluminum double-clamp
  • 350mm, seatpost, diamond-knurled (does not twist) black, aluminum with reinforcement gusset Ø 25,4mm
  • light saddle with integrated handle
  • 125 mm Q-axle aluminum crank
  • only 5,05 kg with 36 spokes !
  • minimum inseam size 68 cm

For unicycle-basketball, or for adults that want to ride a 24″. Initially, it was made for a french basketballteam – but we had a lot of demand for this type of unicycle so that by now, it is part of our range.

QX Eleven Sattel designed by Kris Holm https://www.qu-ax.de/en/news-en/2015/qx-eleven-sattel/ Thu, 25 Jun 2015 14:14:19 +0000 https://www.qu-ax.de/en/news-en/2015/qx-eleven-sattel/

The QX-series Eleven is based on the Kris Holm Fusion saddles – and shares the same base with them. Perfect for longdistance, as tight as necessary, as soft as possible.

Besides a modified shape (more narrow in the middle), this saddle features a “Double-Density-Foam” – that means it’s foam is made of two different types: a soft one on top as well as a more tight one underneath – for long term comfort – and control.


A QX-specific cover makes the Eleven an optical Highlight, too.

  • developed with Kris Holm basing on his Fusion series
  • Double Density-Foam: two different foams: one smooth on the surface and a more dense on the inside to guarantee comfort on longer distances
  • compatible with T-Bars, reinforcement plates and KH handleskompatibel mit T-Bars, Reinforcement-plates sowie KH-Griffe
  • 765g
The QU-AX Monsterbike is back! https://www.qu-ax.de/en/news-en/2014/quax-monsterbike-thirtysix-inch-is-back/ Tue, 02 Sep 2014 09:46:49 +0000 https://www.qu-ax.de/en/news-en/2014/das-qu-ax-monsterbike-ist-wieder-erhaeltlich/

Cruisin’ at it’s best – with 36″ it’s totally something else!

Forget 650B, forget about 29″ – you should try how this vehicle rolls over obstacles – or how people look when you arrive at your favourite coffe-bar :-)

  • real 36″ wheels
  • 3-speed hub
  • steel-frames
  • fenders, synthetic leather saddle and grips
  • air-tires
  • dual-feet-stand
  • V-brake front and rear
The QU-AX Unicycle backpack https://www.qu-ax.de/en/news-en/2014/the-qu-ax-unicycle-backpack/ Fri, 14 Feb 2014 07:51:07 +0000 https://www.qu-ax.de/en/news-en/2014/der-qu-ax-einradrucksack/

You would like to take your unicycle into bus and metro? You would like to transport the muddy downhill-unicycle in Daddys trunk? Or you are just looking for a possibility to travel with your unicycle in a handsome bag? You need the QU-AX Unicycle backpack!


The handsome QU-AX unicycle backpacks protect your unicycle – and keep dirt of your last muni-trip away from your trunk. No discussions with the train-conductor if you have to pay for a bicycle, neither.

  • tear-resistant tissue and reinforced bottom (where it usually is been put on the ground)
  • flap to protect the zip, reinforced pedal-pouches
  • cushioned shoulder-straps
  • hi-strap takes load from your shoulders
  • compactable saddle-pouch to adjust on individual seat-height
  • straps to fix your leg-armor on the inside (towards your bag) to cushion your back against the unicycle
  • suitable for 24″ to 27,5″ (m)unicycles
OnlyOne 24″ an a Coldplay-Video https://www.qu-ax.de/en/news-en/2011/onlyone-24-an-a-coldplay-video/ Tue, 18 Oct 2011 09:46:05 +0000 https://www.qu-ax.de/en/news-en/2011/onlyone-24-im-coldplay-video/

In Coldplays latest video “Paradise” Chris Martin, their frontman shows that you have to take the unicycle on the way to paradise. And he shows that he can do more wonderful things besides unicycling singing.