QX Q-Axle Disc 584 mm (27,5″) Plus white


Includes 19% MwSt.
Additional costs (e.g. for customs or taxes) may occur when shipping to non-EU countries.

light, disc-braked unicylce with Q-Axle system. Durable, light, rigid. An excellent choice for versatile muni-riding. A 27,5″ unicycle is lighter and more agile than a 29″. At the same time, it rolls better over obstacles than a 26″. The choice of current tires is getting bigger and bigger in 27,5″, the choice of 26″ tires gets smaller. The very young generation of 27,5″+ tires is extremely wide and gives damping and comfort due to the now possible low pressure. But it also rolls easily, especially on loose ground like sand or snow.