QU-AX Luxus 20″ as well Muni 24″ got tested and is being recommended by the German “spiel gut” seal.

We are glad that our QU-AX 20″ Luxus unicycles as well as our QU-AX Muni 24″ earned the “spiel gut” seal of the working committee “Kinderspiel + Spielzeug e.V.”. The association inspects and tests toys by pedagogues, psychologists, doctors, experts in design, chemistry, electronics… and parents – scientists and regular people using the goods like consumers would. They work voluntarily and independently of the toy industry and trade.

Previously the OnlyOne 20″ and 18″ had also already been awarded.

Their recommendation “spiel gut” means that this toy has been tested with children and by experts – with a positive result. Their criterias: Play possibilities, material, workmanship, construction, durability, design, size, quantity, usability of the play or work instructions for which age suitable.

Find out more at spiel gut Arbeitsausschuß Kinderspiel + Spielzeug e.V. (Working Committee for Children’s Games + Toys). Neue Straße 77, 89073 Ulm Phone: 0731/ 6 56 53, Fax: 0731/6 56 28 www.spielgut.org kontakt@spielgut.de

The awarded unicycles: