New Freestyle Unicycle: QU-AX Profi PEAK The Peak is the peak of our Freestyle unicylce development. It’s the lightest, most refined freestyle uni we ever made.

QU-AX Profi Peak Unicycle

The demands on freestyle unicycles have been clearly defined for many years. The criteria for a good freestyle unicycle are clearly defined: narrow distance of the fork crown to the tire, fork crown with good grip, long neck – if possible individually cut to length – seat tube and the whole frame width should be as narrow as possible. The professional PEAK is our interpretation of this discipline:

The frames

  • made of aircraft-grade 6061 -alumnum alloy for a low weight and great handling: 600g with 500 mm seat-tube length – with bolts 628g
  • extra narrow, extraschmale, filigree, CNC machined dropouts – staying as far away from your ankle as possible
  • 12cm wide, 4cm “deep” frame crown, diamond-knurled crown. Seen in the cross-section, the shape of the crown is trapezoidal and only 21 mm high – for maximum stiffness and low weight: for an extra low distance from foot to tyre: 3mm gap on 1,95″ peak-frame betwenn underneath crown of 1,95″ frame; 5mm on 2,25″ tyre to underneath 2,25″ frame
  • either for tyres of a width of 57 mm (2,25″) (yellow tire in the photo-gallery) or for tyres with 50 mm (1,95″)
  • 100 mm bearing distance, ovalized blade-tubes for a for the narrowest possible design
  • for Q-Axle-bearings (42 mm)
  • Stizrohr individually shortenable
  • silver anodised with discreet decor

The wheel

  • light Q-Axle hub with aluminum hub-shell. The 24 mm steel-axle is pressed in that shell with several tons of pressure – rocksolid. With the Q-Axle system, the cranks are always precisely positioned in the same place – no wear of the interface for a perfect, light crank/axle-connection. Available optionally: QX-series Rollmops crank extension: CNC machined extension of the crank shoulder for more stand-surface on the crank for tricks
  • 30 mm white 3-chamber double walled rim, anodized black, 36 holes
  • QU-AX #hash-tyre 406×50 mm ETRTO-size (20″x1,95″), white, inflatable up to 7 bars with a fine diamond-pattern over tread and flange. Only 850g. High quality HP-tube


  • QX-series [flat] saddle: superthin, stiff, firm cushion with integrated handle (makes the whole saddle more compact during tricks like flips), finger-friendly saddle-underside, exchangeable grip/bumper (also available in black!
  • silver anodized, #octa seatpost made of 6066-T6 aluminum, sandblasted surface for easy clamping, laser-etched logo, 350 mm long, diameter: 25,4 mm – 3D forged head, only 220g light
  • light, minimalistic, round and compact seatclamp, CNC machined, thread insert is always adjusting the angle to the screw


  • for Freestyle this uni comes with 75 mm CNC Q-Axle cranks, laser-etched logo, silver anodized, Rollmops-compatible. Optionally available with the whole Q-Axle length range (89 mm, 100 mm, 110 mm)
  • MKS Runber X Freestyle-Pedals – an alltime classic – with rounded, soft ends and a top grip. Durable.

Find more informations about the Q-Axle-standard here.

Find more tutorial and instructions videos in our YouTube-channel.