Make it your unicycle: We already sell lots of unicycle color combinations – but there is more possiblity to tune it up and make it your personal, individual unicycle, still increasing the functionality:

Let’s start with the tyres: besides the look, wider tires increase comfort, riding – and also bring the tire nearer to the frame-crown which can be helpful for some tricks. In some halls or training-areas, bright or even white tires are mandatory. The Luxus 20″ skyblue looks already really nice with the standard white tire – but a pink tire can look even nicer, too! Here’s a choice of tyres for a 20″ unicycle:

Kenda 406 mm (20") unicycle tire, red

QU-AX Tire, 20″, red

Kenda Tire 20", blue

QU-AX Tire, 20″, blue

Kenda Tire 406 mm (20"), orange

QU-AX Tire, 20″, orange

Kenda Tire 406 mm (20") pink

QU-AX Tire, 20″, pink

QU-AX Tire 406 mm (20") yellow

QU-AX Tire 20″, yellow

QU-AX Tire 406 mm (20") green

QU-AX Reifen 20″ blau

QU-AX hash Tire 20"x1,95" (50-407mm)

QU-AX Reifen 20″ orange

QU-AX Tire 406 mm (20") white

QU-AX Reifen 20″ pink

A colored seatpost can look great, too – it can also make your unicycle lighter!

2900 QU-AX #octa seatpost 25.4 mm, black

QU-AX #octa Post, black

2903 QU-AX #octa seatpost 25.4 mm, red

QU-AX #octa Post, red

2904 QU-AX #octa seatpost 25.4 mm, green

QU-AX #octa Post, green

2905 QU-AX #octa seatpost 25.4 mm, blue

QU-AX #octa Post, blue

QU-AX #octa unicycle seatpost

QU-AX #octa Post, silver

The QU-AX Luxus saddle is a real comfort improvement for OnlyOne unicycles. The integrated handle with smooth underside keeps your fingertips injure-free and the colour / pattern makes your unicycle special:

QU-AX Luxus Saddle, flame

QU-AX Luxus saddle, flame pattern

QU-AX pink Luxus saddle

QU-AX Luxus saddle, pink

QU-AX Luxus saddle with integrated handle, red, yellow bumper / handle

QU-AX Luxus saddle, red

yellow QU-AX Luxus saddle, black bumper and grips

QU-AX Luxus saddle, yellow

comfortable and versatile unicycle saddle with awesome look

QU-AX Luxus saddle, zebra

QU-AX Luxus unicycle saddle

QU-AX Luxus saddle, black

A special valve-cap gives your unicycle the individual touch:

2165 valve cap, gold

golden die valve cap

valve cap die, blue

blue die valve cap

valve cap red die

red die valve cap

valve cap skull

skull valve cap

valve cap pirate skull

pirate skull valve cap

valve cap rocket, blue

blue rocket valve cap

valve cap rocket, green

green rocket valve cap

valve cap, rocket, red

red rocket valve cap

valve cap billiard bowl

billard bowl valve cap

You can also colorize your unicycle with custom pedals! Colors fitting to saddle or tyre for example. Bright pedal colours make the housekeeper of your gym your friend. Round pedal corners are also better for the floor. Further, there are of course quality differences: The Mercedes among the pedals are the Japanese MKS-brand pedals. Shape, pins are a matter of habit and taste. Childrens’ pedals are very tiny – which makes them not only easier to handle for children but also give more clearance to the ground.

QU-AX Standard Pedal, red

QU-AX Standard pedal, red

QU-AX Standard Pedal, blue

QU-AX Standard pedal, blue

QU-AX Standard Pedal, yellow

QU-AX Standard pedal, yellow

Standard Plastic Pedal, black

QU-AX Standard pedal, black

Standard Plastic Pedal, white

QU-AX Standard pedal, white

QU-AX Profi Pedal, white

QU-AX Profi pedal, white

QU-AX Antislip Pedal, white

QU-AX Antislip pedal, white

QU-AX Antislip Pedal, black

QU-AX Antislip pedal, black/grey

MKS Pedal, Runber X, black

MKS Runber X, black

MKS Pedal, Runber X, grey

QU-AX Runber X, grey

QU-AX Children Pedal, black

QU-AX children pedal, black

MKS PB390 Pedal, grey

QU-AX PB390 pedal, grey