New Luxus & OnlyOne colors for spring Purple and babyblue

Two popular unicycles get new colours!

The QU-AX Luxus 20″ gets a brighter “babyblue“, also, as often requested, finally a white tire in the Luxus 20″ range – with fitting white pedals and saddle bumpers. Finally, magenta-accents on decal-design and saddle.

The new OnlyOne 20” “Purple” comes also with a white, indoor-suited tire, white bumpers and pedals. Purple has just been declared as “colour of the year 2018” by colour-specialists from Pantone, according to an article by the New-York-Times which you can find here.

Luxus 20″ babyblue
ref #1107


OnlyOne 20″ purple
ref #19011