New: QX-series 27,5″Plus unicycle takes advantage of the wide tires

Now, the Q-Axle Disc is also available in a Plus version with a wide 3.0 Tire. It rolls great over bumps thanks to the huge diameter and gives great damping at the same time. Especially with slippy or loos underground the huge tire is your insurance for grip. The pattern keeps rolling-resistance reasonable at the same time.

Dual-Cranks gives you the opportunity to quickly change your setup from Downhill to CrossCountry or Touring. The QX Eleven saddle is comfortable – even without bicycle-pants. The discbrake keeps your unicycle under control all the time. And all this with an incredibly low weight for nimble handing.

  • Q-Axle-Disc hub, 36 holes 24 mm hollow-steel axle, red
  • light QU-AX Q-Axle dual hole-cranks 125 / 145 mm, ti-grey anodized
  • QX Eleven saddle, for great comfort and control designed and developped by Kris Holm based on its Fusion series
  • QX-series aluminum double-clamp
  • QU-AX Plus double-walled rim, aluminum, 36-holes, 45 mm wide
  • WTB Bridger tyre, TCS, Fast Rolling, 72-584 (27,5″x3,0″)
  • QX-series [lucent] pedals with aluminum pins
  • aluminum Flatcrown frame, anodized in black / powdercoated white, discbrake socket
  • aluminum seatpost with reinforcement gusset, Ø 25,4mm, black
  • Shimano-discbrake, 160 mm QX-series rotor
  • weight: 5,97 kg incl. brake and a 4 cm shortened seatpost
  • minimum inseam: 81 cm

#7528 QX 27,5″ Plus Q-Axle Disc white
#7529 QX 27,5″ Plus Q-Axle Disc black

Edit (19.12.2018) – by now this unicycle-range is no more available – but you can have a look at the QX-series #rgb municycles which is the evolution of it. There, you can even have the choice between several wide 27.5″ tires.

To see the possibilities of this great-uni, watch some inspiration from Cédric, who rides disciplines on wheel-sizes from which no one ever thought they could be possible on them. Muni on a 36″, Street on a 27,5″ Municycle.