New QU-AX Twin-Uni: Can you ride “Spaghetti”?

Amazed, admiring people, smiles, questions like “What is this?” and of course loads of fun, all this is what you will experience with this fun vehicle. Both unicycles can be used independently – the connection bar can quickly be assembled or removed.The rear articulation is lockable.

The QU-AX Twin-Uni is so much more than just two unicycles! It may consist of two (fully usable) unicycles but it is capable of so much more. One or even two people can ride on it – and they can do this more than just for- or backwards! The front unicycle can turn free in the connection bar – and the rear one can do, too – if you like. Because then, the fun really begins! Do you know what a “Spaghetti-ride” is?

  • two unicycles – that can be used independently or together
  • square taper-axle, steel, 114 mm, Profi pedals
  • indoor-tyre, 20″x1,95″ (50-406 ETRTO), yellow
  • seatclamp quick-release for quick seat-height adjustment
  • Luxus-saddle with wooden pattern
  • handlebar and stem of the “front” unicycle can be assembled facing for- or backwards, facing up or down – just as you prefer
  • rear articulation can be unlocked by pulling the lock-knob
  • The connection bar can be easily removed by quick-release to make both unicycles usable independently – perfect for clubs
  • inimum inseam size: (with shortened seatpost): 66 cm for the rear unicycle, 71 cm for the front unicycle (stem mounted on the
  • seatpost – lower if mounted on the frame).

#1303 QU-AX Twin-Uni