The light and rigid Q-Axle technology is now available on the Profi BB 24″ – and makes the unicycle incredible 5,05 kg light.

The Q-Axle system was first introduced on our High-End disc-braked unicycles – now it is also on the Profi BB. Compared to ISIS, this system has many advantages: precise positioning of the cranks, no wear on the spline-sytem due to Assembly and Removal. More rigid due to the higher diameter (24 mm to 22 mm) and lighter since more drilled than an ISIS axle. The Profi BB now only weights 5,05 kg – with steel frame!

  • Flatcrown frame with two-piece dropout, black
  • double-walled aluminum rim, black, 36 holes
  • superlight Q-Axle-hub, anodized red
  • “noslip” pedal, with plastic-pins, inserts and round corners (ref 6040)
  • Kenda K905 K-Rad tire, inflatable up to 4,5 Bar, 24″ x 1,95″ (ETRTO-size 50-507)
  • light aluminum double-clamp
  • 350mm, seatpost, diamond-knurled (does not twist) black, aluminum with reinforcement gusset Ø 25,4mm
  • light saddle with integrated handle
  • 125 mm Q-axle aluminum crank
  • only 5,05 kg with 36 spokes !
  • minimum inseam size 68 cm

For unicycle-basketball, or for adults that want to ride a 24″. Initially, it was made for a french basketballteam – but we had a lot of demand for this type of unicycle so that by now, it is part of our range.

The QU-AX Profi BB 24″ Q-Axle


Profi unicycle 507 mm (24") BB unicycle Q-Axle black